Audiomica ALLBIT Consequence 1.5m

Audiomica ALLBIT Consequence 1.5m
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Producent: Audiomica
Kod produktu: 7A64-906F4


Audiomica Allbit Consequence wykonany został z najczystszej dostępnej miedzi OCC. W skład splotu przewodzącego wchodzi osiem żył po prawie 3mm2 


Conductors: OCC, 7N

Screen: Copper braid

Wire dia./cross section: 8×2,30mm/8×4,17mm2

Cable diameter: ~ 19mm

Antistatic Couplers: Available

Filter (option): TFCT Double (Luxury)


Allbit is made of the purest OCC copper available. The conductive weave consists of twelve conductors, 4,17mm2 each. Allbit is screened with a multi-wire braid, which gives 100% coverage. During the design of the third modification of this cable, we focused on refining the AML-RC10-Rh plug and wires termination. The connecting surface of the new plugs (EU/US/IEC) is plated with a thick layer of rhodium obtained in the double DCP process. The design of the housing made of non-magnetic elements and a silver-plated carbon fibre braid ensure clear and stable signal. Plugs underwent demagnetization and cryogenic treatment. Additionally, the design enables damping of housing resonances. Allbit is equipped with Acoustics Points antistatic coupler, which provides an excellent protection from static electrical changes. POM-C AP50 antistatic material protects against surge and audio components damage. The coupler is mounted with a non-magnetic screw. The cable is highly flexible despite its large diameter. The visual design was also subtly refreshed, however, the cable maintains the character and uniqueness of the Consequence series.

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