Audiomica Pebble Consequence - 1m, USB A/C (premium, DFSS)

Audiomica Pebble Consequence - 1m, USB A/C (premium, DFSS)
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Producent: Audiomica
Kod produktu: 0F44-5027D


Kabel Pebble Consequence - 1m, USB A/C (premium, DFSS) x 1 pc

Conductors: OCC, 7N

Screen: Three screens

Wire dia./cross section: 4×0,64mm/4×0,32mm2

Cable diameter: ~ 9,6mm

Antistatic Couplers: Available for: Premium, Luxury

Filter (option): DFSS (Premium), TFSS (Luxury)

Plugs: USB A/C (gold-plated pins)

Number of possible configurations: 3


Signal Filtering

Many people are not aware of the existence of electromagnetic interference. The sources of natural electromagnetic interference are electrical discharges, dust and sand storms, precipitation and the cosmic radiation from either inside or outside the Solar System. Industrial interference comes from an electrical power grid, ignition systems, whirling machines, radio and TV receivers, power amplifiers, strip lightening, computers and from all kinds of transmitters. Interference can be emitted directly out of those devices in the form of an electromagnetic wave or it can penetrate a power grid. The following filters were designed to be used with audio devices. The difference in electric properties of conductors resulted in the development of a unique filter for each group of cables. The screening of the highly sensitive circuits and the accurate filtration of voltage are the basic methods of prevention against hum, noise and power grid interference. We are proud to present our four unique filters:


DFSS | Double Filtering Signal System

Filter is the combination of capacity, ripple and induction filters. The task of the filter is to reduce a variable component in a voltage circuit and to move an input voltage closer to a fixed circuit. Filters use properties of inductive elements, which allows for an energy accumulation. The double-filter system consists of two ferromagnets. A precisely fixed space between them is separated by aluminium and Teflon and as a result lossless signal can be delivered. The key features are the composition of ferromagnets, their size, precisely fixed space between them and a distance to a plug. Moreover, the important part of the construction is ‘the divider’, which in this case is made of Teflon-and-PVC-covered aluminium tape.


TFSS | Triple Filtering Signal System

The bigger brother of the DFSS filter. The principle of his work is the same as in DFSS. We increased the amount of ferro-magnets from 2 to 3. The structure and size also changed. Magnets in this version have better anti-interference parameters. A great solution for more complex systems where the influence of the electromagnetic field on the transmission of lossless signals is greater. From the beginning of 2018, an additional option is a filter housing made of a patented electrostatic material.


TFCT | Two Filers Current Tension

At the turn of the last decade, an enormous increase in the application of electronic systems is observed in almost all industries so our sensitive audio systems need to be prevented from external interference. This was an incentive for our company to design a unique anti-interference power filter which minimises or even eliminates external interference and guarantee the proper work of electronic devices. In combination with an excellent-screened power cord, the filter converts into a power conditioner. The attenuation of electromagnetic interference in filtering systems is carried out in two directions. Capacitors collect interference from earth, while arranged in series power line reactors increase the impedance of a line, which increases the effectiveness of bypass capacitors. The filter is made on a printed circuit board with the application of the highest quality materials which comply with the RoHS directive.

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