Audiomica 4-all-in-1 Cable Set

Audiomica 4-all-in-1 Cable Set
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Producent: Audiomica
Kod produktu: 823C-767BB



Conductors: Tinned oxygen-free copper (OFC)

Screen: Aluminium foil, tinned copper round braid

Wire dia./cross section: 6×1,45mm/6×1,65mm2

Microconductors: 192 (32×6)

Cable diameter: ~ 12,5mm

Length: 2,5m

Plugs: Banana


The Audiomica '4-all-in-1′ cable set is a unique proposition for a comprehensive connection solution for all-in-one audio systems (i.e., integrated amplifiers with network streamers). The dedicated set is a response to the growing popularity of such equipment and the demand of customers who recognize the need to optimize and improve their listening experiences.

The cables have been constructed based on high-quality materials, refined details, and the use of proven company processes and technologies. Their conducting base is made of high-purity, oxygen-free tinned copper. Making the complete set from the same copper fraction ensures excellent consistency and eliminates the „weak link” effect, which is often found in the included or improperly selected cabling. The refined audio signal insulation and shielding system effectively eliminates the influence of environmental interference and external sources of disturbances emitted by peripheral devices and surrounding electronics.

The 4-all-in-1 set includes a pair of 2.5-meter speaker cables terminated with reliable, 24-carat gold-plated banana plugs and a 1.5-meter power cable, with a mains plug (appropriate for the region) on one end and an IEC-type plug on the other.

The '4-all-in-1′ cable set is available in a specific configuration and length and also comes with a certificate of authenticity and warranty card.

Our cable duo ensures that you elevate your listening experience to another level!

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